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Hiring Season in Real Estate and Mortgage

November 22nd, 2019 11:36 AM by Gregg Mower

Hiring Season in the Real Estate and Mortgage Business is the time of the year when the business slows down for the holidays.  It is also a time for Realtors and Mortgage professionals to reflect on the current year’s production numbers.  It is also a time to reflect on personal business plans and trying to figure out how to get more business going into the new year.  For a Realtor it is setting goals for the next year to hit the Masters Club or an income level that is higher than this year’s income.  For Mortgage professionals it is always about closing more but figuring out just how to get that done assuming the market conditions stay stable.  This time of year is a time to reflect and make plans now that will go into next year and the future of your career.  This industry is commission based so we are never really feeling comfortable with our income situation and are always looking for some stability. What if there was a way to help mitigate the commission short falls in your personal production would you jump on it?

As a good salesperson you always want to pose questions to your clients where they are nodding yes as that keeps their attention positive then you can lead them to the outcome you want.  If you didn’t recognize that as a sales trick you need the training and coaching that we provide and you need to read no further and just click here and start the process to become employed with MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan.  I state it that way as you have to know the tricks of the trade if you are going to be successful in this industry and asking for the business is the first rule of sales.  This is just one of many techniques we teach and coach you to do at MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan.  We have created a training program that is second to none for Loan Officers and Realtors to learn the details of this business from how to talk with your clients to how to find the best loan product for your client. 

Back to the question at hand and that is how to make commission when you are not closing a transaction?  The way we have addressed this is cutting edge in the Mortgage Industry but has been done in the Real Estate Industry before and that is team building.  Team building is the concept where you recruit others to either come and be on your team or show them this concept so they can build their own teams under themselves and thus you get paid for your team’s production.  You may have heard of the EXP way of doing this in Real Estate but what is new is adding the mortgage component.  As a holder of a Real Estate License and an NMLS license you can do and get paid on both Real Estate Transactions and Loan Transactions legally. 

So, you can keep an income flow even when your personal production is slow by having well trained and aggressive team members.  At MAE Capital we have designed a system to where you will get paid from team member’s production when they close a transaction.  You would also get paid on your team members member’s production.   We call this our Multi-Level Team Leadership Program and you can click on this link and learn more, it works by recruiting Realtors and Loan Officers and getting paid from their production.  For each team member you will receive 5% of the total commission earned on their transaction closed even if you did not assist in the transaction.  Furthermore, you will receive 5% from their team members.   Now you see how you can make money when you are not closing transactions in this business.   The top producing Realtors, in town, are utilizing this system but only with Real Estate transactions our system carries over to the Loan officers as well.  So if you are a top producing Realtor and you are under one of these systems currently and you are not reaping the rewards from the loans you are referring out currently take a look at this and be one of the first top tier leaders.  Imagine if you have Loan Officers on your team and you got a piece of that production.  Yes, you would also get a piece of all their refinance business too.  The only catch is that you must get your NMLS license to get paid.  If you are an MLO and you already have both your DRE license and your NMLS you could hire Realtors under you and get a piece of their production.  This income sharing concept can keep everyone happy in a changing economy. 

If you are a Loan Officer or Realtor looking for a better opportunity in 2020 look no further with our coaching, training and mentoring program you are not alone.  With over 30 years in the industry we can keep you focused on your goals and provide the tools to get the job done.  If you have closed one transaction in this industry you learned the complexities of being compliant and gathering the documents needed to close your transaction.  We teach you how to interact with adversities and how to close transactions smoothly and efficiently.            

If you are looking for something different and fresh in 2020 and into the future give us a call and we will open doors for you that you did not know could open.  Making more money in Real Estate is not always working harder you can also work smarter.  If you are one of those people that believe you are not using your entire potential, then we need to talk.  We are looking for individuals that can sell this concept and that are not afraid to go out and make money.  As a Mortgage Broker and a Real Estate shop you can bundle your services and save your client’s money while you are making a great living with time for you and your family.  Call Gregg Mower today at 916-672-6130 or click here 



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