Free Home Buyer Toolkit
Worksheets, Budget Planning and More!

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1. Home Shopping Checklist:  Download this form to fill out to give your Agent so they know the type of home and all the amenities you want in the home.  Check how many bedrooms you want, Bathrooms, Granite counter, white kitchen, stainless appliances and much more.  List of all the items you want to have in a home to help your Agent find you the perfect home. 

Home Inspection Checklist:  Download this form and you will be able to walk through a house and know where to look for damage and ask for further inspections.  Be your own home inspector, learn what to look for regarding potential damage, electrical, Plumbing, Roof and much more.  This is your walkthrough checklist before you make an offer on a potential lemon of a house.  This single form could save you thousands of dollars in inspections and work to be done a house before you even make an offer.

3. Family Budget:  Download this spreadsheet and plan your monthly budget so you will know that you can truly afford a new house or make adjustments to your budget to be able to afford a new home.  This form will help organize your finances when buying a home.  It will help itemize utilities, internet, TV, Garbage Sewer, Car payments, Credit Card Debt, Student loans and much more into an easy to see and plan for Family Budget.  Know what to expect financial when buying a home be in charge of your own finances. 

4.  List of Specific Details You Desire in a Home:  This form will help pinpoint some specific qualities in the location, size and the type of home you need.  This form could help you and your family put in writing what everyone wants and needs in a home.  This could be given to your Realtor and he or she will know what homes will work and what home will not, making your home search more efficient. 

5.  Home Comparison Sheet:  This form will allow you to compare the homes you have seen.  It is designed to be taken with you when start shopping for homes.  Take this form with you when looking at home so you can remember what each home had so you can be more organized in your thoughts after seeing multiple homes.  

6. Loan Application Checklist:   This is a checklist of items that you will need to provide your lender in order to get a loan for a home.

7. Apply to be Approved for your Loan Online: 
  This is the complete loan application that you will need to have completed for a home loan.  By applying online first you will get our of licensed professionals assisting you with the whole process. and will know exactly what you are approved for before your begin looking for homes.   

8. Shop for Homes Online:   Your direct source to the same  MLS system that our Realtors use to find homes for our Clients.  

9. Service Bundling:
 This is a concept that very few Real Estate Companies can offer and far fewer have the years of experience to make the concept come to life.  This will save you thousands of dollars.

10. Calculators: Click to see all the calculators we have to for mortgage payment calculation, Rent v. Own, Amortization, Tax benefits and much more. 

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