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  • Is your verifiable income too low, or have you been told you don't show enough income to qualify or "your ratios are too high"?
  • Do you show very little Income on your Taxes but make consistent deposits to your Bank Account?
  • Are you Self-Employed and have been told you don't show enough income to qualify or you write off too much?  
  • Do you have a large down payment, bad credit, and have been told you still can't get a home loan? 
  • Have you been told you have too many rental properties, and that is not allowing you to refinance your home or buy another home?
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Why Have you Been Turned Down by Other Lenders?  

Current Mortgage Law States That Lenders Must Prove Your Ability to Repay the Mortgage for Owner Occupied 1-4 unit Residential Properties:

Current Law states that a lender must be able to show the borrower's ability to repay the loan when they are borrowing money for their primary residence.   It has become very difficult for some folks to be able to qualify under traditional lending standards.  Traditional Lenders have interpreted the way they have to verify income as verifying every detail of how a borrower receives income and require verification of Tax Returns, W2s, Pay-Stubs, and a copy of Your Tax Transcripts.   This creates limitations to those who do not receive their income in traditional ways or write too much off on their tax returns.  

Our sources take a common-sense approach to proving a borrower's ability to repay the loan.  A 20% down payment or a 20% equity position (lower than 80% LTV) refinance it still required to obtain one of these alternative income loans.  However, if you need a loan this might be your best alternative. Call us today and let us help you with your next home.  

Have you been turned down by Lenders, or having trouble qualifying for a loan for any of the following reasons?

1.  You are self-employed and have not shown enough income on your Tax Returns.
2. Is the Credit Score too low?
3.  You write too much off on your tax returns resulting in net income that is too low to qualify.

4.  You file unreimbursed business expenses on your tax returns that no longer allow you to qualify (i.e. 2106 expenses).
5.  You have been told you have too many rental properties to qualify.
6.  You don't show enough rental income to qualify, or write off too much on your tax returns.
7.  You rely on investment income and you don't show enough income on your tax returns.
8.  You have been declined because you have a cash business or have bad credit or both.
9.  You have been declined due to being an owner in a company (more than 25%) that has not been profitable over the last several years or the average the Lender uses is not in your favor.
10. You own multiple companies and the lender is computing the income too low.
11.  If you have been declined for any of these reasons or if you have been declined for any reason regarding your tax returns we have solutions.
12. Have been told you have too many rental properties to qualify?


Today, new lenders, hedge funds, and money investors are entering this market and are realizing that there is an opportunity to help those that don't qualify by the standards of conventional lending.  These lenders are coming out with new products that will help get those folks into homes where the banks have said no. We have the resources to match you up with the best sources to fund your loan.  So no matter if you have been turned down by several other lenders, give us a call for a final determination.  Although the Government has made it so that you must "be able to prove the ability to repay the loan"  there are other ways of proving income to stay within the law.  

Alternate Income Qualifying Products or Alt-Doc Loans are:

1. Bank Statement Income Qualifying Loans (Bank Statement Loans):  
NO TAX RETURNS REQUIRED to be Provided for a Loan.  Instead, the Borrower need only have to show 12-24 months of bank statements showing deposits that will support the new mortgage payment.  Income is determined by averaging your deposits over 12 to 24 months respectfully and that average of your deposits is used as income to qualify for the loan.  
Bank Statement Loans Qualifications:
Call for details these programs are changing daily 916-672-6130

2.  W2 or 1099's only NO TAX RETURN loans: 
These loans do not require a borrower to provide their Tax Returns. These loans require that a borrower show only their W2's or 1099's for the last 2 consecutive years and a current pay stub to verify their income and show the ability to repay the loan.  No Tax Returns are required for these types of loans.  These loans are designed to help those that show items on their tax returns that traditional loan qualifications would count against them when in reality those deductions are only "paper losses".

W2 Only NO TAX RETURN program qualifications:  This type of loan allows you to put less money down than other programs.  You can get away with putting 10% down and still not show your Tax Returns.  

Stated Income Verified Asset Loans (SIVA): These Loans are for High Down Payment folks.  Owner-occupied Purchase you will need 30% down with a 700+ plus Credit Score.  For a refinance this product can go to 65% Loan-to-Value, 50% LTV for cash out.  Call for more information.  

Call for details these programs are changing daily

3. 1099 Only for Commission People

 A New Program allows people that are paid on commission only to just use the 1099 and not provide tax returns.

4.  Section 32 Loans: 

Do You Have Poor Credit, and have a Large Down Payment or High Equity and can prove your income?
Need to save your home from foreclosure?  
We have solutions for you:

High-Cost Loans
HIgh-Cost loans or Section 32 loans are those loans that come with a high-interest rate and higher costs than a normal loan.  Again this is a classification of Home Loans for Owner Occupied properties, this does not apply to Investment Properties.  These loans will require that all applicants attend a class to review their options and the rates and fees proposed.   There will be significantly more disclosures outlining the terms of the loan and the costs.  These loans will be for those that have equity or a large down payment in excess of 20% of the value of the property.  Interest rates and APRs on these loans will generally be in excess of 6.5% up to 11%.  these loans are done on primary residences and will be done in accordance with the Truth in Lending RESPA, Integration Disclosures, or TRID, and Dodd-Frank Act.  

High-Cost Loans are for those that have poor credit and have a real need for a loan.  These loans are not for first-time home buyers as they are high interest rates and high costs.  We will only offer these loans to those that have a real need and can demonstrate the need not only to us but to an outside counseling firm.  Our mission in offering these loans are to help those who would otherwise lose their home through foreclosure, or can demonstrate a real need to take one of these loans.  There will be income that will need to be verified, as well as proving the ability to make payments with debt-to-income ratios not to exceed 43%.  This is not a stated income loan it is a fully documented loan.  This is a last resort type of loan not for everyone, so please review all documents, go to the class, and by all means check with outside sources before closing one of these loans.  You are protected under the Home Owner Equity Protection Act (HOEPA) on these types of loans.

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Note: all these loans are new products to the market and may take several weeks longer than a traditional loan.  
*Appraisals will be required on all Non-Traditional Loans ordered through our AMC relationships.  
Click here for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's ruling and definition on these loans.
Private/Hard Money can only be used for owner-occupied properties where 51% of the home is used for business.  
For Private Money, Investor loans click here Non-Owner Occupied Loans

**California Properties Only at this, People Inquiring from other States Contact your Local Mortgage Broker they will have these products as well**
**Please Don't commit Loan Fraud the current laws are in place to protect consumers from having their equity stripped, and a potential foreclosure.  Please don't say you live in a home and try and to take out a non-owner loan to avoid RSPA laws. 

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