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Gathering your Nuts for Winter

September 22nd, 2011 10:34 AM by Gregg Mower

Well fall is the time of year where start to think of the winter time and how you will survive.  Animals in the wild gather their food supplies for winter during this time as the nuts and berries are ripe.  They also put on weight to prepare for winter as they may go quite a while without food.  What do we do in preparation for winter?  Not much for the most part, some of us cut wood so we have heat some will can the fruit and vegetables from your yard, but most just simply let winter come with the expectation that their home will be heated and they will have food at the store.

What about financially?  Most people don't even think about their finances during the winter other than paying for Holiday expenses.  Did you know that winter is generally a slow time for Real Estate as most folks don't like to go out and look at homes in the winter due to the weather.  This winter is stacking up to be very interesting with the lowest interest rates in recorded history.  I say that in preparation for Winter you should look at the interest rate on your home and see if it is time to refinance or even buy a home or purchase an investment home.  The Federal Reserve has all but said we have entered a second recession.  It is time to do some evaluating of your finances this time of year and look at your biggest investment and see if you can save money on it.  Or buy an investment property with money you have in the stock market as with a slowing economy the DOW will certainly slump, but with proper you can put a renter in your investment and get money each month.  Food for Thought

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Posted by Gregg Mower on September 22nd, 2011 10:34 AM



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