The Basics of Buying a Home.

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  • When we represent you as a home buyer you will sign a Buyer Broker Agreement.  Our job is to look after your best interests and get the best deal possible.
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  • You can deduct the expenses of the purchase on your tax return as well as mortgage interest.  Click here for more information.
  • California Real Estate Law states that when purchasing a home, an Agent must represent the seller first unless the buyer appoints an Agent to work exclusively for them.  We do this for you and make sure you get the best possible deal and the House Meets your Expectations.
  • Real Estate has been the best investment over time, better than any other investment vehicle.  Let us show you the way.
  • The Real Estate Market is HOT and you need to be in it NOW!
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The Nine Steps To Home Ownership Are;

1. Your decision to purchase a home. 

You realize that home ownership is not only the best thing for your family but it is a great investment.  You have learned the tax benefits of owning your home verses renting.  You have found MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan to help you through all aspects of the process through our one stop shop approach.  

2. Qualify for the Home Loan ("Know Before You Owe").
 Start the qualification process by completing an online loan application or call us we can take the application over the phone..  Prepare the necessary documents we will need to approve your loan, go to our online Checklist .  Download the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau home buyer booklet.  On to the next step.

3. Become Approved and Receive Your  Pre-Approval letter.  
YOu will be guided as to the documents needed to become Approved fro the home and once it is reviewed you will be issued a Pre-Approval Letter.  The Pre-Approval letter is what an Agent will need to have to find and show you properties in your approved price range.  This letter will also be presented to the seller as proof you can actually afford to purchase a home.  It can be modified to with each offer made so the seller will not know that you may qualify for more.  This stratigic trick can save you thousands on the price of the home.

4. We Work With Your Agent and Have Agents of own Agents for one stop shop experieince.  
A Real Estate Agent that works for you when buying a home is invaluable.  We have several qualified Agents to Assist you, we are your one stop shop for all of your Real Estate needs.  Trying to do this on your own is not in your best interests as you may end up with a dual agency from the listing Agent and not get the best deal for you.  A Buyer's Agent will work with your best interests, not the seller's, and you don't have to pay for their services, the seller of the home pays the commission.  An agent working for you can preview homes for you so you don't waste your time driving around.  Once you find a home your Agent will negotiate a the best deal for you.

5. Find a home that will best fit your needs. 
With our direct access to the MLS system you are able to see homes as they come on to the market in real time. Your agent will set up parameters that you need in a home and provide homes that only have the criteria you are looking for and you will be emailed homes that fit those parameters. With our MLS portal you will be able to search homes is the area and with the amenities you want in a home. You will also be able to Create your own custom searches and save those searches.  You will be able to be on top of the market as it changes. 

6. Negotiating the contract with the seller;
 As your Agent it is our job to get you the best possible deal in the market place.   Sellers have the final say in whether you get the house or not, so the negotiation of contract is invaluable, and to have the best representation is essential. "The Art of Deal" is something that cannot be taught it has to be learned and our Agents have that experience.  Your Agent will see your deal through from the start to finish.

  Read about the Disclosure process

7. Complete the loan. 
When the contract has been negotiated and the seller has accepted your terms then the process starts.  Although, you have been pre-approved for your loan the process has just only begun.  To see the detailed process click here.  
Once the loan has funded our team will make sure the Escrow Company records the transaction with the county.  Our team will work with the listing Agent in the transaction to assure all necessary work has been completed as well.

8. Close the deal. 
Our team will work closely with Escrow and the Title Company to assure the closing goes smoothly.  Your Agent will do a final walk through of the home to make sure the house is the same condition as when the inspections were done and that everything in the home is order.   

9. Move in. 
Your Agent will provide you with the local utility companies, Internet, cable, water, and garbage and sewer so you can smoothly change your services over prior to moving in. 

TIPS For a Successful Escrow Closing:  Click Here


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Working Placer, Sacramento, and El Dorado Counties Ask about the Listing Specials we can save you Thousands of Dollars.  

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We Purchase a one year Home Warranty for all of Our Buyers We Represent.  So call to today to talk with one of our experienced Agents. 

**We are Rural Property Specialists knowledgeable with Water Wells and Septic Systems and Large Rural Properties.  We have the financing sources for these properties**

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We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your family searching for your dream home.  

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