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* We are Arranging Private Money Loans for California Properties Only.  

**Limited Commercial Loans out of California call for Approval or Submit Scenario

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  Private Money Funding: 12-02-2022 We have investors with money that needs placement!  

ASK ABOUT November Specials!

  • Money for Flips, and After Repair Value (ARV) Loans up to 80% LTV.   A Great Deal!
  • Funding Loans up to 80%LTV with 20% rehab funds
  • Aggressive Loan-to-Values (LTV's ) With Low FICO Scores (below 600)
  • Fix and Flip Loans. For More Info Click Here
  • Rental Properties and Apartment Buildings, 1-4 family, even if you own more than 10 properties.
  • Stated Income No Income Verification Loans 
  • No Doc or Low Documentation Investment Property Loans
  • Short-term loans from 6 months to longer terms of 5 years with no prepayment penalty
  • Construction Loans for Residential and Commercial
  • Commercial Loans Large and Small, reduced documentation, equity-based loans
  • Construction Loans for 6-12 months no payments                              *For Conventional, FHA and VA loans and other owner-occupied loans Click here
  • Loans for Foreign Nationals "EIN Loans"!
  • Non-warrantable Condos
  • Seller Carry Backs and Creative Financing to combine to 100% financing
  • Industrial Property and Cannabis Property loans
  • Raw Land: non-improved or improved land
  • Agricultural loans with mixed uses
  • Cannabis Property Loans (CA) Large and Small
  • Gas Station Loans- Purchase, Refinance, and Rehabilitation
  • Care Homes/ Residential Care Facilities- Refinance, Purchase, and Rehabilitation
  • Loans on Mixed-Use Properties Banks won't fund.
  • Church Financing- both for purchase and refinance
  • Bridge Loans- while your house is waiting to sell
  • Commercial Buildings- large and small
  • Apartment Loans large and small
  • Loans made right out of Bankruptcy on Investment property
  • Equity Loans Purchase and Refinance
  • 2nd Mortgages on rental property and commercial buildings
  • Office Buildings, Fully Occupied, and Vacant Buildings, and Rehabilitation
  •  Loans for Business' Loans Banks won't fund, click here to be directed to the merchant loan page
  • Cross-Collateralized Loans (Loans that Blanket Multiple Properties)
  • 100% Combined Loan To Value (CLTV) Loans with Seller Financing.
  • Click For "A" Paper Loan options Conventional FHA and VA Loans
  • Click For Regular Refinance Options Conventional FHA and VA Loans
  • All Kinds of property good, bad, and ugly.

Private Individuals and Institutional Sources of Funding! 

Typical Loan Term for Hard Money Loans:

1. Interest-only Loans for 1-5 years
2. Hedge funds offering fully amortizing loans 30-40 years 
3. Interest rates will vary based on Borrower Eligibility and Property Risk, call for current rate scenarios.  
4. Interest Rates Between 6.99-12% Depending on Risk 
5. Points between 2 and 6 depending on the transaction; call for a quote.

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Documentation Needed for Most Hard Money Loans: Click the Link to Download Documents.

1.  Credit Authorization form Completed so we can run your credit.  Click here to download.

2. Loan Application Completed Click here to download a blank Loan Application.  Or Apply securely online by clicking here and Choose Gary Pitts as the Loan Agent.

3. Property Address and Real Estate Contract (for Purchases)
4.  Rent Rolls on Commercial properties (if there are any)

Items can be uploaded securely to our application page once you set up your account, or they can be faxed to 916-848-3357 securely.

  Private/Hard Money Products:

  • 1-4 Family, Investment Property, business purpose/investment property only, NO INCOME Documentation.  Fix and Flip or Hold and Rent.  Call or complete the form at the bottom of the page for a FREE Quote
  • Commercial Loans up to 75% LTV no Income documentation.
  • Funding Sources to $100 million.
  • Construction Loans- Use your land as equity to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. 

  • Second Mortgages on investment property and up to 75% CLTV stated Income seconds.  Call For Rates

  • No Appraisal Loans on Purchases (limited call for details)
  • We have Investors for Cannabis Use Properties, Indoor warehouses, and more. 

***Click Here 
For Owner Occupied Alternative Documentation Qualifying (Bank Statement Loans) or ALT-DOC Loans-FOR Owner Occupied Loan Programs- California Only 


Examples of Transactions Funded By MAE Capital Mortgage!

These are just a Few Examples of Private Money Loans we have arranged, we do many different Property Types, send us your scenario and we will find an investor for your property.  We have Funded Hotels, "Bed and Breakfasts", Gas Stations, Raw Land, Mobile Homes on land, Subdivisions, Storage facilities, Care Homes, Multi-use properties, Cannabis Property, and much more. 

If you have a Property Project that needs funding let us help you get the money for it.  MAE Capital Mortgage Inc. has negotiated many transactions from the simple flip to cross-collateralization of many properties, let us evaluate your project, it is free information and could save you thousands of dollars.

CONSUMER ALERT Radio Ads for seminars in your area to show you the secrets to Real Estate Investing! SCAM if it was as easy as they say we all would be doing it.  SCAM Ads are for:
  • Real Estate Seminars advertising free.  Then they hit you for money to buy their books tapes ect. 
  • How To Be a Real Estate Investor and Get Rich "Like Me" SCAM
  • Flipping Systems SCAM
  • Real Estate Systems seminars SCAM
  • Novation Agreement Scam- Never sign an Attorney In fact for anything in a Real Estate Transaction!!!

** CONSUMER ALERT!  BEWARE OF THE REAL ESTATE SEMINARS THAT CHARGE LARGE SUMS OF MONEY THEY ARE SCAMS! All we have ever heard is the wreckage left behind after people have been taken by the seminar scams.  If it was as easy as they claim we would be doing it.  

 Click Here to Read About the Scam to make sure you are not caught.
WE CAN SHOW YOU THE RIGHT WAY TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE.  WE TAKE NO UPFRONT FEES.  We have Real Estate Professionals standing by to show investment properties and show new investors how to play the game. (California)  *Remember, if it was as easy as they tell you, us professionals would be doing it. 

**Don't Commit Loan Fraud, Private Money Lending is for Non-Owner Occupied Investment Properties, Commercial, and Business Purpose Loans.   Private Money Loans are not intended for Primary Residences or Owner Occupied property where you occupy more than 49% of the residence as your primary residence.  If you need money for a primary residence give us a call and see if you fit one of our Alternate Income Loans or Click here and we will find the best loan for your needs.**

***Disclaimer we arrange, funds from Private Individuals, Hedge Funds, and Institutions.  We are a Broker licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate number 01913783 and NMLS number 806170.  Guidelines and programs on this page vary from investor to investor and lender to lender and so does the documentation requirements.  It is our job to match you with an individual Investor or Company that offers product(s) that fit your unique needs.  We look forward to helping you with this journey.   Provide us with a scenario you would like to have funded and will find a source and give you a quote with no obligation. 
  Sorry, No Unsecured Personal Loans at this time.  We do offer unsecured business loans for existing businesses.  No, Startup capital loans. We are not Angel Investors our loans are Secured by Real Estate with the exception of Loans

 CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION on Merchant and Small Business Loan

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** CA BRE Licensed Agents may sign up to broker loans directly to us call or Click here for more info**


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