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 What is a self-directed IRA and how does it work?

"Living your life without a financial plan is like setting out on a long journey without a destination or a map."

We take pride in delivering the best service, based on our clients’ personal needs. Openness and honesty are the foundations of our business. We maintain high ethical standards that are reflected in everything we do, and we help our clients plan their Real Estate investments and retirement strategies to suit their current, intermediate, and long-term financial objectives.

One of the most widely utilized financial instruments for retirement savings is the IRA structure. Many people saving for retirement, and most financial professionals have heard about an IRA, yet many may not be familiar with a Self-Directed IRA, or have limited knowledge on the subject. A Self-Directed IRA is under the exact same rules as a standard or traditional IRA, yet allows you to diversify from traditional investments to “non-traditional investments.” This can be real estate, deeds of trust, notes, tax liens and other asset types. We will help you use your investment knowledge and proficiency to help you prepare for your retirement.

We believe it’s important to discuss your concerns, questions and expectations, so we'll review all of your quantitative financial information and legal documents, as well as qualitative data such as your health, goals and risk tolerance. We believe that with proper analysis, and thorough education, we can help you determine whether this alternative is prudent for you.

Using your IRA funds to invest in Real Estate or Notes can build your portfolio in ways you might not traditionally have thought. Your current investment broker may discourage this type of investment for the sole reason it will take commissions away from them.  If you invest in Real Estate you can realize gains in ways you may not have been able to under tradition IRAs where the investment is in the Stock Market.  Rents you receive every month goes directly into your Retirement account tax-deferred until you retire and use them. Your asset will also increase in value over time as well.  In the Stock Market your IRA traditionally only will see asset gain if the manager is doing their job on keeping up with your investment objectives.  Chances are your IRA funds have been sitting in the same account for years with no real gains.  You need to be proactive if you want to retire with real wealth. 

Real Estate has seen a consistent 10% gain on appreciation over the last 50 years, as an average.  If you factor in Rents you could be looking at 10-15% per year gains on your investment.  And yes you can buy and sell within your IRA. 

Investing in Private Notes through MAE Capital can show gains as high as 9-15% annually or more without the headaches of being a landlord.  Private Notes can be a great investment path as you don't need to fund all of one note we can put up to 10 investors on one offering.  We can substitute investors within one note to free up capital if the client wishes.  We can also write notes based on specific investors needs such as short-term notes, high risk with high yield, short term commercial, construction, long term, the possibilities are endless.  Best of all with a note you don't have any of the costs associated with owning the Real Estate directly.  No midnight calls telling you the toilet is backed up, all of that falls on the actual owner.  With a private Note you are the Bank.  

For information call our offices at 916.672.6130 and talk with Gregg Mower.  Or fill out the informational form below and we will contact you.  Controlling your own funds with low risk and high rewards is just smart.  Don't look back and say "I should have done that".

When you choose to self-direct your retirement funds you will need a qualified custodian to do the proper reporting of your IRA rollover funds.  MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan will help you with your Real Estate investment needs and will work closely with your custodian to ensure the paperwork has been done properly for the IRS.  Our preferred Custodian for Self Directed IRA's is Provident Trust Company.  They hold on to and account for your investment.  Visit their site for more information on Custodian Services.

"Your decision to take action puts you ahead of 95% of Americans who fail to plan and, thus, may fail to realize their dreams of a secure financial future. A well-developed plan will allow you to keep more of what you earned."


  1. Introduction to IRAs
  2. IRA Market Growth
  3. Why Rollovers?
  4. Self-Directed IRAs
  5. Confusion - IRA Value
  6. IRA Options
  7. Efficient Alternative
  8. Trustee Requirement
  9. Possible Problems
  10. SD IRA Alternative
  11. Increasing Popularity
  12. SD IRA Guidelines
  13. Practices to Avoid
  14. SD IRA Process
  15. Why Consider
  16. Your SD IRA Team
  17. IRA Rules, Restrictions
  18. IRS Rules and Restrictions
  19. Invest in Private Home Loans with high Yields


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