Multi-Level Leadership Program Defined

​What is Multi-Level Leadership?
it is a concept where you as a team leader will be compensated by your team members production.

​Use the Power of Numbers to your advantage.
If you hire 3 people and they close only 3 transaction per year but they bring in 3 people who only close 3 transactions per year you will make on average an extra $13,000 a year.  That is based on a sales price of $350,000 if you are a Realtor and you making 5% from your team's production..

If you are a Loan Officer with an NMLS license and the DRE license you can make money on loans as well.  Or you are just a Realtor but have the NMLS and are not actively using it, you can get paid for loans you give to your team mate who is also a loan officer and they make money and so do you.  It would also be a great recruiting tool for you to have both licenses.

Conversely, if you are a Loan Officer and have your DRE license you can make money from the Real Estate side of your team members where you couldn't do it before as it would be a RESPA violation.  Working for the same team and being properly licensed and your regulator being the DRE not the DBO you can make a commission on both sides of a transaction and receive referral fees for Real Estate activities you don't wish to do.  

​Learn How To Earn Like a Millionaire and Work Like One!

In the example above it shows where you could invest your money if you were already a Millionaire and get the same returns as you could under this model. 

This is a working model and if you are not going to put the work in it will not work for you. This example shows you what could happen if you only hire 3 people and they only hire 3 people.  It takes into consideration a low average production of only 3 transactions closed with an average sales price of $350,000.  Now if you live in a market where the prices are higher well you can see your income will be proportionately higher.   

Realtors and Loan Officers are you behind in saving for retirement? 
Here is a great way to build that retirement income through work you do today.  If your team is making significant money from the override, they never have an incentive to leave the model, thus securing you an income flow.

​Bottom Floor Opportunity:  Be one of the first to start building your team and see fast it grows.  

Not like other Systems:  You control your destiny not like some of the giant corporations where you can't see what is going on internally.  Here you own the system and you can change it and modify to fit how you do business.  Realtors have similar programs in EXP and Keller Williams but what they are missing is the Home Loan component that can make you proportionately more money than just Real Estate Sales alone.  Loan Officers have been referring business back to Agents for years and have made no additional money from doing that other than the hope that the agent will send them more business.  This model takes that out of the equation as why wouldn't you refer business to your internal team and make money from your production and your downline.  If you sell Real Estate only and don't have a NMLS license you could still make money doing a hard money loan or a merchant loan as an NMLS is not required for those types of loans, you will also get override from your downline of people if they do one of these.  Or if you choose to get the education to get your NMLS and never write a loan you can make money from your downline's loan production.  

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