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MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan

Three Ways Of Making Money.

1. Real Estate Sales

2. Mortgage Home Loans

3. Private Money Lending 

Use Your LIcense(s) to Make More Money and Do More For Your Clients!

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If you are newly Licensed we would love to mentor you to absolute success!
Do Both Real Estate and Loans!  

Positions Available:

1.  Combination Realtor and MLO- Bundle Your Services: List and sell a home for a client, find them a new home, and do the loan. Bundle it all together to reduce the overall fees to the client and beat your competition every time and your client will only need to make one phone call to get all the information they need. You control the entire process. Turn one Client into 3 transactions, Clients get a better deal and you get 3 commissions "Win-Win-Win-Win".  We have the best rates in the industry as well

Click Here to see if you getting these rates.  See how having an Inventory of loans can make your Sellers and your Buyers feel more comfortable with the process as you control the whole transaction.  

2.  MLO Loan OfficerWith Your DRE License and NMLS licenseYou can do it all, Residential Home Loans, Conventional Loans, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Bank Statement loans, Private Money Loans, Reverse Mortgages, etc. and Sell Real Estate or refer your Real Estate Leads to an internal Realtor and get a referral fee plus commission on the loan.  We have all the best Wholesale lenders in the business.   If you currently have an NMLS under the DBO we will pay to change it to the DRE NMLS (a $300 cost).  As a Mortgage Broker, You will never be beaten on pricing as you can take your deal anywhere in the country.  We have national lenders offering the lowest rates in the industry.
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program.


3. Realtor Buyer's Agent- Working With Home Buyers:  Join a team that will support your every transaction.  In-House Loan Answers that your Clients will love as they will only have to make one call to get their Real Estate and Loan questions answered.  Free Website with MLS feed, mortgage calculator, mentoring and training, No Desk Fees, Floor Calls.  You Can do Private Money Loans No NMLS is required.  Build a team under you and profit from your team.  See Why we are better than EXP where we promote you making more money not the top of the pyramid.  Learn how to buy fix and flip yourself.  

**See how having an Inventory of loans can make your Sellers and your Buyers feel more comfortable with the process as you control the whole transaction.  

4. Realtor: Selling Agent- Working With Home Sellers: List and sell Residential Real Estate.  Work with Buyers and Sellers and Folks that need financing.  Free Website with MLS feed, mortgage calculator, training to be the best, No Desk Fees, Floor Calls.  You can offer Private Money Loans for fixer properties No NMLS required.  Build a team under you and profit from your team.
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program.


5. Private Money Loan Officer- Offer Hard Money Loans: You do not need an NMLS license to be able to offer Hard Money loans as they fall outside of SAFE Act. In addition to selling Real Estate, you can offer Private money loans to fill in the gap between sales or offer with your fixer listings to sell them smarter. Work with Real Estate Investors and show them how to buy and finance flips with you. This can be a nice addition to your Real Estate income.  Be able to offer fix and flip financing to your investors.  Land loans, commercial loans, Loans that Banks won't fund.
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program.

6. Commercial Agent: We are always looking for Agents that want to expand to commercial business and we have tools to assist with this. You don't have to say "we don't offer that" because you can offer those services.
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program.

7. Commercial Loan Officer- Offer Commercial Financing:   When commercial Banks can't fund a loan we generally will have investors that can fund commercial loans.  If you are selling commercial property or decide to market to banks for their turn-downs this is another way to make money.   Again no NMLS is required. Even more, opportunity to make money with just your DRE license.
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program.

8.  Merchant Loan Officer:  
You will now have the opportunity to market to business owners a loan ess owners generally own property as well that you can list or sell or refinance.  
You do not need an NMLS for this activity either. 

9. Reverse Mortgages Loan Officer: 
Offer Reverse Mortgages to your clients over 62 years old, for either purchase or refinance and your clients will never make another mortgage payment as long as they live in the house. Refinance clients to a Reverse Mortgage to fix up their existing home and or to simply make their mortgage payments go away. The commissions on these loans are fantastic and the client doesn't pay for it.

10.  One-Time-Close Product:  
This is a construction-to-permanent Financing Loan that can be used with FHA, VA, and USDA loans.  Manufactured homes on a permanent foundation one loan to buy the land, construction costs, and permanent loan.  Click here to see this unique product. 

11.  Learn how to utilize technology to make you stand above the rest.

Make More Money Per Client and get more referrals as you control the transactions.  Work smarter than harder.
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program. 

***PLEASE NOTE Training will be done in the Rocklin Branch Only.  

 Current Job Postings:


Job Posted  08/28/2023

Loan Officer and Realtor Combo  With DRE and NMLS (We will Pay to change to DRE from DBO).  MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan,
Rocklin, California

 (MLO) Click here for Flyer   Click "Get Started" to submit a resume  

MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan are looking for NMLS Loan Officers that hold a DRE License and an MLO license. Yes, you can do both Real Estate and Loans and Hard Money Loans, and Commercial loans!  You can make a commission on the listing of a home, the sale of a home, and the loan.  OR receive a referral fee internally for referring a client to an MAE Capital Realtor if you prefer to just do loans.  We have hundreds of wholesale lenders to choose from.  

Don't let one underwriter having a bad day lose your deal and your relationships.  We process FHA, VA Conventional, and Jumbo loans and Alternate Income Loans.  We also do Reverse Mortgages.  Here you can learn how to make additional money doing Private/Hard Money Loans and Commercial Loans.   We have in-house processing and have great relationships with many different lenders and underwriters.

We also have leads coming in every day.  With both an NMLS and a DRE license you have more opportunities, so don't limit yourself and your income to one job.  Our regulator is the Department of Real Estate, not the Department of Financial Protection & Innovation (DFPI) so you can legally be both a Loan Officer and a Real Estate Agent with the DRE license and an NMLS license. Mortgage Bankers regulated under the DFPI can only do loans even if they hold both licenses.

We are beating Direct Lenders' Rates and Fees consistently by .125- .5 in rate and 1-4% in fees, check our rates and see for yourself.   We generate leads daily for our loans officers from our unique marketing programs.  We also have a premier training program for those newly licensed.  There is no substitute for hard work in this industry.  Challenge Yourself to take your business to the next level.  Where experienced Realtors can make as much as 90% commission split with no other garbage fees. 
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program.

Mentoring and Coaching by the Best in the business.

Ask How you can create Teams and make money from their production. Be at the top from day one.  Click the start Arrow Below to see the Advantages of Being a Mortgage Broker.

****Please Note that Training for New MLOs is done only in our Rocklin Office


Job Posted 08/28/2023


Real Estate Agents (Realtors),
MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan,
Rocklin, California  

Realtors, Get Started Today!

 Click here for Flyer   Click for more information  

Rocklin Office: If you are currently a licensed Real Estate Agent with NO NMLS we welcome you to our team.  Control your own destiny and do business your way.  Our main office is owned and operated at 4940 Pacific Street in Rockin, CA. New Agents take advantage of our hands-on training.  Recent College Graduates See how a career in Real Estate and or Mortgage Lending can make you a great living with unlimited income potential.   Learn how to build a Real Estate team under you and profit by being a mentor.   Want to make money from the people you hire, we have a great system.  Have your listings marketed on our site for free.  We are Marketing YOU when you don't even know we are marketing YOU.   Don't pay for a Big Box Real Estate Office, go with our boutique shop and get the team supports you need to be successful.  Make money doing private money loans on fixer properties for investors (No NMLS required).  Our commission splits are high and offer a variety of ways to make money.  Learn how to take one client and make 1, 2,3, or more commissions on one transaction.  More innovation more opportunities.  Challenge Yourself to take your business to the next level.   Experienced Agents can make up to 90% commission with no desk fees, E&O fees, admin Fees no garbage fees, what you see is what you get.  Compare us to EXP and you will see that you will be helping yourself not at the top of the pyramid scheme that you will never be able to reach.   Call today for an interview at 916-672-6130
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program.


Job Posting Posted 08/28/2023

 Commercial Real Estate Agent/Visionary

MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan, Rocklin California

Commercial Agent

MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan are looking for Commercial Real Estate Agents with experience.  You will be able to hire and run your own team with all the freedoms of an independent Broker.  You will be able to mold the company's commercial real estate division into a system that is one of a kind.  Try new innovative ideas that you have not been able to do before.  Splits are high and you will be in control of your own destiny.  Hire trainees or assistants under you and profit from their efforts as well.  Be Great and Challenge Yourself to take your business to the next level. 


 Job Posting 08/28/2023

Real Estate and Mortgage Branch Office Opportunities,
Rocklin, California: Branch Manager 
Do Real Estate and Loans and Control your Future! 

California Only: Click Here to Get Started

This is an opportunity only for those that have experience in Real Estate and Lending (2 plus years). This opportunity will require the manager to be able to hire, train, maintain office expenses, market, and sell. MAE Capital has training tools for managers online It can be very rewarding in this new environment of Real Estate and Lending. The company will provide Accounting, NMLS, and DRE maintenance as well as provide website and domain names, training material, and marketing material. Must have 2 years experience in either Real Estate sales or Lending or Both. Must hold a BRE license and NMLS license. Call Gregg Mower for more details at 916.672.6130
Ask About our Team Leader Override Program.


Job Posted 08/28/2023

 Sales Representatives and Internship Program: 
MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan, Rocklin California
Sales Representatives

    Click here for Flyer 

MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan is seeking growth-oriented individuals to sell Non-Qualified Mortgages/Hard Money mortgage products. You will not be a loan officer and will not be doing licensed activities, so no DRE or MLO license is required.  You will fall under the Real Estate Finder job description from the BRE.  This is perfect for Internships to learn how the industry works and you will be paid for bringing in business.  It is also a great side hustle.


  1. Present and sell company products and services to the Real Estate Community and Referring community (not Consumers Directly).
  2. Prepare action plans and schedules to identify specific targets and to project the number of contacts to be made with the Inside Sales Representative and or Branch Manager.
  3. Be a marketing resource for our Real Estate partners.
  4. Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity.
  5. Identify sales prospects and contact these and other accounts as assigned.
  6. Prepare presentations, office meetings Etc...
  7. Develop and maintain sales materials and current product knowledge.
  8. Establish and maintain current client and potential client relationships.
  9. Identify and resolve client concerns (Realtor and Referral sources)
  10. Other duties as assigned.



  1. Participate in marketing events such as seminars, trade shows, and telemarketing events.
  2. Follow-up leads with MLOs and Inside Sales Reps.




**LEADS, LEADS, LEADS For Loans and Real Estate: 

We have a need for an Agent and a Loan Officer to take leads from our advertising.  We currently are experiencing more leads than we have people to service efficiently.   Must hold both a BRE license and an NMLS license.  Need  Experience with FHA, VA, and Conventional QM Loans.  We will teach you Private Money sales it is easy and profitable as they fall outside of TRID and all the RESPA rules.  Enquire today and start making money tomorrow.  Don't be sucked in by a Mortgage Banker offering a high commission split as they will also have a higher price to the consumer Mortgage Bankers can't do Private money loans and Real Estate and you are expected to get your own leads.  We have leads today and need help with them today.  We are receiving 10-20 leads a day with our current advertising and our Hard Money page is optimized in the top 2 when googled.  


 *Recent College Graduates New Loan Officer Training and New Realtor Training: Best in the Industry! Be Mentored by the Best 

****Please Note that Training for New MLOs is done only in our Rocklin Office****

*Unparalleled Training Program for Loan Officers and Agents:  We train all new Agents and Loan Officers.  We have a comprehensive training program that will take you to a new level of professionalism in a real-world environment.  This is a comprehensive training program with homework assignments and is meant for the full-time professional.   This training program will be for 30-45 days in the classroom, the real world, and homework with real-life examples.  It is no cost however you must be able to commit to working for the company and team.  Training is done in Rocklin Ca. 

Program Includes: 


  1. Introduction to the Lending Industry and History and How to integrate the Home Loan Process with the Real estate Process.
  2. Defining the secondary market and its pertains to everyday life in the industry.
  3. Breaking down the process flow of a Real Estate Transaction integrated with originating the home loan.
  4. Detailed training in Closing costs and mortgage insurance and how they pertain to the different loan types.
  5. Detailed qualifying techniques for home buyers. Conventional Loans, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans, Private Loans.
  6. Compliance breakdown of the expectations of a Loan Officer and Realtor in today's regulatory environment.  Learn to complete, the Loan Estimate, the MLDS forms, and the details of a loan application.
  7. Learn what an underwriter does to approve loans so you know what they know and where to get the information.
  8. Learn how to calculate income and analyze debt-to-income ratios.
  9. Learn the technology behind lending and Real Estate Contracts and how to utilize it.
  10. Be part of a mentoring team that will assist you in getting Buyers, Sellers, and Borrowers.
  11. Ongoing training and an online training manual that you can obtain anywhere anytime to get the answers you need for your clients.
  12. Click here for more training information.



Training is done with Gregg Mower who is the Broker of MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan with over 33 years of experience in the industry.  Mr. Mower has successfully trained some of the top-producing Loan Officers in the Greater Sacramento Area.  With attention to detail and using real-life examples, you cannot find a better-organized training program with more information anywhere in the industry.  You could pay tens of thousands of dollars to get just a tip of the information Mr. Mower has to offer.  Are you up for the challenge to be great?

"I look forward to training the next generation of professionals that will change this industry well into the future"   Gregg Mower President




What we are:

1. We are a Small Locally Owned Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage Firm with a national presence.
2. We are easy to talk with and solve problems fast.
3. We pay aggressively.
4. We are a think tank for new ideas and ways of operations.
5. We are compliant in all aspects of our business.
6. We train New Agents in the art of Loan Origination and Contract negotiations
7.  We have a high-ranking website that generates many leads every day.
8. We have the ability to do business all up and down California for both Loans and Real Estate sales.
9. We are Nice and Easy to work with.
10. We are located in Rocklin
11. We are a Team and help each other to close deals.
12.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we Relish Diversity in our office.


What we are not:

1. We are not a Big Box Real Estate firm or Mortgage Banker that is limited in the services offered.

2. We do not charge our Agents hidden fees.
3. We don't charge desk fees to have a desk in our office
4. We do not have minimum production requirements.
5. We are not a high-pressure sales firm, we listen to our team members and make adjustments to our site, and business model, as necessary. 
6. We don't expect our Loan Officers or Agents to be in the office all the time.
7.  We allow part-time Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents
8. We are not a phony "Ra-Ra" team driven by motivational videos.


Click Here for More Training Information. 

Invest in Yourself Today!

"Grow with a Team that will not limit You"

 Own your Future Call or email or contact Gregg Mower @ 916-672-6130 or Click Here
Or complete the Interview request form below.

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MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan

CA DRE #01913783|NMLS #806170

4940 Pacific Street Suite A
Rocklin, CA 95677