What are Private Money Loans, Hard Money Loans, and Equity Loans and How do They Work?

        •  Hard/Private/Equity Money Borrowers Defined:  
        • Hard Money Loans Private Loans and Equity Loans are all the same terminology, we will refer to them as Private Money loans on this page.  Private money loans get their capital from private investors like you and I.  So like you and I they want to see you have enough "skin in the game" or your own personal money into the transaction before they will lend to you.  The thought is that you (the borrower) will not walk away from a large investment and if you do the private investor can easily sell the property to recapitalize if you default.  So the larger the down payment or equity position is for lender the more likely they will lend you the money.  Or the lower the Loan to Value is the more likly it is to find an investor to lend you money.
          • To obtain a Private Money Loan you will need to go through a licensed Broker, like MAE Capital Mortgage Inc.  Here at MAE Capital Mortgage, it is our job to match borrowers with lenders.  A borrower of Private Money should be prepared to have a good equity position either from a large down payment or a large amount of equity in a property that they currently own.  Private Money lenders will differ in the Type of Property they will lend on.  Some Private Lenders will lend on Single family homes only, others will lend on construction, land, commercial etc.  MAE Capital will find a Private Lender to fit your needs to get your loan funded.

          • Private Money Loans are designed to help borrowers obtain financing when traditional bank loans are not available, or the borrower needs a fast closing for their investment property.  The higher interest rates are due to the lack of credit history, or the ability to show qualifying income, or the property does not meet traditional standards.  For whatever reason, you need private funding we are here to help.

     Documentation Needed for a Private Money Loan.

    This type of lending is not like traditional lending where you are required to bring in your life's story in paperwork.  These loans are based on equity and the more equity in the transaction the more options a borrower will have.

    **Items we will request from Borrowers:

    1. Completed loan application from the borrower (click here to download).
    2. An Authorization for us to check your credit 
    (click here to download).
    3. An appraisal (in some cases we don't require one when we can look up comparable sales and determine value internally) we will order this if it is required by the investor. 
    4. There may be other documents the investor may request such as leases, explanations about the property etc. 
    **Some investors may require different things depending on the borrower or the property.

  • Examples of Property Types we have Funded:
    • Money For Flips and Rehab costs
    • Rental Properties
    • Commercial Loans
    • Construction Loans
    • Subdivisions
    • Multi-Units
    • Land (Raw and improved)
    • Joint Ventures
    • Gas Station Loans
    • Church Loans
    • Large Projects Retail Stores, Shopping Centers, Malls Etc.
    •  Cross Collateralizing on multiple properties
    • We can Broker Existing Private notes for sale
    • Merchant Loans-  Unsecured business loans
    • Gap Loans
    • Care Homes
    • If you can imagine it we can usually find the money for it.
    The Process:

    Step One:  Complete the Application and sign it and complete the borrower's authorization to check credit.  Or Call us first and go over the scenario with an Agent.

    Step Two:  Submit the Loan Application package back to MAE Capital Mortgage.

    Step three: Get a quote back from MAE Capital Mortgage.  If the terms are acceptable then sign and return.  Note: this is not a commitment to lend it is just terms that we have found from an investor to fund the loan.

    Step Four:  Appraisal (if necessary) to establish value.

    Step Five: Final investor sign-off and final terms.

    Step Six:  Draw the loan documents and send to the escrow company along with the final disclosures.  Note: these are non-RESPA transactions so the transaction will not follow TRID guidelines as an owner-occupied loan would.  So Make Sure the final Documents are what was quoted initially as most of the time the investor is drawing the final paperwork. 

    Step Seven:  Borrower (you) go to the escrow company, or a pre-arranged signer (Notary Public), and sign the documents if it is a purchase borrower will bring in total funds to close. 

    Step Eight:  Lender(s) (Private individual(s)) will go to their bank and forward the funding directly to the escrow.

    Step Nine:  The escrow will record the transaction and disburse the funds.  Transaction closed. 

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