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Why would you choose to work for a small Mortgage Broker that also has a Real Estate Division?  Or are we a Real Estate Company that has a Mortgage Division.  However, you look at us what you will see is something different, something unique.  You might be a Loan Officer that holds both a Real Estate License and an NMLS license and have been working for a direct lender for years and think that is the only way to do business.  Or you might be a Real Estate Agent and have worked for a Big Box Company all of your career and believe that is the only way to do Real Estate.  MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan is a working vision of Real Estate and Loans, both institutional and Private working together to make the process much easier and cheaper for our clients. 


How do we get this done you ask?  It all boils down to experience and knowledge of the current laws and regulations and communication with our clients.  With that knowledge we have created a system that that appears seamless to the client when they enter the home buying process.  Whether they meet us first to get pre-approved, or to look for or to sell property we can advise them through the entire process.  Our clients are not tasked with finding their own Agent who may or may not understand exactly what the client’s financial situation is.  Or when talking with our Agents they may not fully understand how the financing part works so they can get all that information with one phone call or email.  Our Real Estate Agents can get their answers immediately as opposed to having to hunt down a busy Loan Officer.  We have an in-house processor and a Transaction Coordinator so at anytime our Agents and Loan Officers can get the answers they need.  A Loan officer can quickly determine if the refinance transaction they just got will have the value they need before moving forward.  An Agent can get a floor call, pre-approve the client, and find houses for them with one phone call, with no more hoping they call you back after you push them off to a Loan Officer. 

Would you like to offer a service that you have never been able to in the past?  How about offering Private Money loans to investors?  Yes, with only a DRE license you can offer Non-Qualified Mortgages to Investors.    A Non-Qualified Mortgage is a private money loan for folks that need short term funds to fix and flip, or land deals, or fund commercial projects, construction loans and much more.  I addition you might like to offer expansion capital loans to small business’, you can utilize our sources for Merchant loans for business owners.  So when you do your marketing you now can offer more services to more potential clients. 

Do you like the model of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) by recruiting more Agents and making money from their production?  If you do, take this on internally and be at the top of the pyramid for both Real Estate and Loans.  We have more opportunities under one roof than any other company.   Choosing the way you do business as opposed to being told how to do your business is the way we work at MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan.  This MLM approach to Real Estate has its ups and downs but it can just be another option for your business if you have that sort of energy.

Bundling Services can prove to be a great service for both you and your clients.  If you have just done loans or Real Estate in the past you will now have the opportunity to bundle those services together.  Imagine offering to your client that you will list their home qualify them for their next home loan and find their move-up home.  Then be able to say that you will use a portion of your Real estate commission to offer them a lower, than your already low, interest rates thus lowering their payments for them over the term of the loan saving them money continually.  Also buying them a Home warranty so if anything breaks in the house after you sell them the home it is covered.  Don’t you think this will drive more customers to you?  Talk about a Win-Win-Win situation for both your client and you.  Your clients need only make one phone call to get the info on both the goings on with their purchase and their loan.  Who wouldn't want to get paid for 3 transactions with one client?  Although you may have given money towards the loan from your Real Estate Commission, or paid for work to be done for the client, the point is you are getting 3 commissions with one client and I ask you how many of these do you need to do per month to keep your finances flush?

All-in-all with more opportunities to make money and help customers it will be your own fault if you do not succeed.  We have several ways to get you in front of those potential Clients and it will be your choice on which path you take to get them.  I would love to see what a person with unlimited energy could accomplish here, as the sky is the limit.  Learn the business then take your business to another level by opening your own branch hire folks under you and all the while knowing that your home office team is behind you 100% and is encouraging you to succeed as opposed to competing against you.  This business is not for everyone, but those that have the drive the sky is the limit.  If you are interested in joining the team and or meeting us please feel free to give me a call at 916-672-6130 or click here to email me (Gregg Mower Broker).

Posted by Gregg Mower on August 28th, 2018 12:23 PM



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