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June 4th, 2014 5:29 PM by Gregg Mower

This blog is going to be out of the norm for me as I don’t usually talk about subjects that are too deep and personal.  This is going to be a discussion about faith, power and healing in Business and the world in general.  First of all, I must preface that although I talk about faith and God I am not going to tell anyone that one religion is the way to go or is even right for everyone, it is an individual choice.  However, I am going to state undeniable truths about powers that are greater than us; call it God, Allah, Yahweh, Dark Matter or whatever, the fact is that we all know there is an energy that transcends all of us and you can call it what you will.  Knowing that this energy is there is your first step to taking a positive view on life as a whole. 

So if you are still reading this and you are thinking you are about to get hit over the head with a Bible or some other pious book you would be wrong.  Although those readings are great sources to use to tap the energy of faith, healing and inner peace, however, you can still achieve the same results by searching and discovering the hidden powers of the universe on your own.  The readings of the Bible the Koran, Buddhism, Hindu readings and others, have one common theme that energy exists in the universe that we cannot see nor can we ignore.    That very energy becomes labeled as a God or a Deity when, in fact, this energy is something anyone can tap into to become more peaceful, or gain the power to succeed, or heal ourselves it is up to each of us to find it.  The ability to tap this energy becomes harder the older we get and get caught up in day to day routines, commitments, jobs, etc..   Remember when you were a child and you saw something for the first time what joy it gave you that you discovered something new.  Or when you experienced something for the first time and the energy you gained from that experience such as a roller coaster, or your first plane flight, or the first time you saw the ocean.  Remember the feeling of joy when you saw your baby for the first time or the feeling when you climbed to the top of a mountain and it felt like you were on top of the world.  All these feelings are energy that we draw from our surroundings and they last for a long time in our minds and body, if we can draw those images up again we can get that same feelings and draw that same energy if we try hard enough to remember the feelings. 

The energy I refer to can be illusive and hard to get focused on and some us have forgotten how to get those feelings back again.  When we forget those feelings or ignore them we put ourselves in a dull state just going through the motions of life.  If we stay in that state for a long time we become stale, washed out, lifeless tired with no energy.  The trick is to be able to tap the energy when you need it.  How I tap that energy is to meditate or pray, by closing my eyes and visualizing the event or place and put myself in that state of mind that takes me away from the pressures I am going through in the present and clear my mind so it can allow fresh energy in.  It takes practice and it requires time to relax enough to get your mind to that place where it can accept the energy.  Like anything you want to be better at you must practice this every day multiple times.  But, you say you don’t have the time to do it.  I say if you don’t take the time to do it your health and state of mind will suffer so much that a normal task like returning a phone call, or completing a contract, or deciding on what house to look at will take you so much time that had you taken a half hour to clear your mind you could have completed those tasks much faster and you would be left with energy to spare.  If you talk to any highly successful person they will tell you that they practice this technique all the time.  Highly successful people have learned how to tap that energy on the fly and can gather the energy while walking, driving, going to the bathroom or sitting at their desk taking a moment to reflect and get to a place of tranquility so they can gather the energy they need to continue to the next step in their day.  Watch a professional athlete and you may wonder why so many of them will look up to the sky and praise a higher being after a great play or before they begin the sport.  This is a learned activity that they have done for a long time to get themselves to a point quickly where they have the energy and are focused on the task at hand.  Those athletes have learned how to get to that energy quickly and have risen to the top of their sport by tapping that energy. 

In business we can use the same techniques to gain the energy we need to accomplish tasks that might be perceived as difficult to outsiders.  If you were to follow a highly successful business person around for a day you might wonder how they can keep up the pace at which they work and for how long they work.  If you were to ask each one of them how they draw that sort of energy they will tell you that they draw their energy from taking moments to reflect, pray, get to their place of tranquility to refresh, heal their mind, and re-energize.  The most successful people can do this very quickly, and it did not happen overnight, they have been working on their techniques their entire life and have perfected it.  They will also tell you that sometimes they need to go to a place, either a vacation, or a special place where they can take the time they need to clear out the bad thoughts and replace them with good ones.  We call this a vacation and we all need to take them and know why we are taking them.

The idea of drawing energy from your environment is what we do every day in the form of food, water and other things we consume it all comes from our environment.  So not to believe that your spiritual energy would come from the same place is absurd.  In fact, if you were to break down the human body to its basic elements we have the same makeup as dirt.  That said it would make sense that we draw our energy and our most inner peaceful thoughts from those places in nature where we have been before where we have felt those empowering feelings.  In most cases, people that are highly spiritual are also in tune with nature and the energy it provides us.    So if one has the capability to recall those same feelings from a time when they felt most connected to nature and at peace with themselves they will be able to recreate that tranquility and cleanse their mind from the day to day items that tend to bring them down and suck out their energy.   Again, this article is designed to inspire and teach our good clients and friends some of the secrets of success and how to be at peace and clear headed daily, and I sincerely hope that this little article can help someone through a tough time or re-focus them on the important things in life.  As usual you can leave any comments you wish in this blog thank you for taking the time.


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Posted by Gregg Mower on June 4th, 2014 5:29 PM

Wow, that was wonderful! I know you have been incorporating this into your daily life and I have seen a very positive change. I need to follow your path, love you
Posted by Margie on June 9th, 2014 6:29 PM



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