Do You Know What Is On Your Credit Report?

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ATTENTION!  If you live in California you might be entitled to receive a claim from Equifax after their data server was breached and Millions of Personal Information was breached.  Equifax if offering $125 or Credit Monitoring for six months.  Click Here to see if you qualify for a settlement.  

What is a Residential Credit Report?

The information in your credit report has a huge impact on whether or not you qualify for a mortgage loan and what interest rate a lender will offer you. Therefore, it’s important your credit report reflects a positive image of the way you manage your money. If you're getting ready to buy a home, checking your credit report is the best way to ensure you get the loan and interest rate you deserve.  Fill out the form below and we will run your credit report for free and qualify you for a home loan.  

3 Bureau Tri-Merge Credit Report
This is the type of credit report that a lender will require when applying for a home loan.  Lenders want to see credit pulled from each of the three bureaus to verify accuracy. 

Credit Scores
Credit Scores on your Report are what a lender uses to "Grade" your credit.  The higher the score the better the credit.  Click here for more details.

What else is is on your Report?
Your credit report has more information than you might initially think.  Your report will have your address history, your employment history, and it will address any other names you might have had or abbreviations, or alias'.   

Fixing your Credit Report

We can recommend Xperiacreditsoultions as a credit restoration company.  This firm has no affiliation with MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan, but they do offer affordable help in raising credit scores.   

Or you can opt to fix your credit by contacting the three national credit reporting agencies – Equifax www.equifax.com
Experian www.experian.com, and TransUnion www.transunion.com - and request a copy of their report from each. That’s because the three agencies are independent of each other and the information may differ on all three reports. In addition, you may not know which agency has reported your information incorrectly or has outdated information about your credit history.

If you've been denied credit, insurance, or employment because of information in your credit report from any of the three agencies, you can obtain a free credit report by contacting the agency within 60 days of receiving a denial notice. In addition, you're entitled to a free copy of your report each year when you certify in writing that (1) you're unemployed and looking for a job within 60 days, (2) you're currently on welfare, or (3) your report contains errors due to fraud. Otherwise, the agencies charge a fee for a copy of your report.

For additional fees, each agency may offer you different report variations, such as:

  • A credit report with or without your credit score.
  • A three-in-one credit report that lets you see a side-by-side comparison of records, from all three agencies, with or without scores.
  • Notification services when your credit history is requested.
  • Routine notification changes to your file.
  • Subscriptions that allow you to access your report on a regular basis.

New law promotes free access to credit reports
You can now get your credit report for free regardless of your employment or financial situation. A recent amendment to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) mandates that each agency provides you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every year, from www.annualcreditreport.com. 

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Here at MAE Capital, we can order a 3 bureau credit report for free and we have an in-house credit counselor to help you repair any misreported items.  However, we will need you to authorize us to check your credit in writing. 

Let get Started!  Complete this form and we will get the ball rolling for you-FREE! Note this free service is for California Homebuyers only.

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