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Is Staging Your Home Worth the Price?

May 7th, 2019 7:01 PM by Gregg Mower

This is an interesting dilemma, to stage or not to stage?  Staging is not for every property but if you have a nice home and want to get top dollar this is something I would strongly recommend.  For those of you that don’t know what staging is, it is when an outside company that specializes in making your house look modern, clean and up to date through the use of furniture and accessories.  The staging process starts before you list your home for sale.  An expert will come to your house and see how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have and will measure the rooms.  The stager will be an interior design expert and will get an idea of the flow of the house as well as the style of the house.  

Once the Stager has completed the measurements and taken pictures, he or she will devise a plan for furniture and accessories that will accentuate your house.  Mind you that you will have to completely take out all of your furniture and stuff from the home and have it cleaned.  The stager will give you a price based on the size of your home and also offer suggestions of what you may be able to leave so it can be used it may be just a few items or nothing at all.  The price will range from $2,000-$3,500 based on the size of your home.  This will have to be paid for before the Stager does anything, so put this in your budget for selling.

The price may seem like a lot of money with no guarantee that your house will sell, but with the right Agent from MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan it will be priced right to the attention of potential buyers.  We have done this many times and every time it has been done the house has sold for more than the list price.  We can’t guarantee that will happen every time but it sure will give your home an edge on other homes for sale in the same area.  The homes we have sold that have been staged have sold on average of only being on the market for 5 days or less.  The track record we have of homes that have been staged and those that have not been is far better than you would expect.  

The Staging company we use is second to none in the Greater Sacramento and Placer County area.  Not only to they do all the set up they also provide us with professional Photos to put in in the MLS listing.   The presentation from the inside of the home both in person and on the internet is second to none.  As you know most home buyers will start their home search online to see homes that are appealing to them.  The interior of the house will look so good that they will most all the time put a staged home on their list of homes to see for their Realtor.  Staging will make your home look like a model home and buyers will see a staged home more favorably as the stager has strategically put minimal amount of furniture in a room to make it appear bigger than it is and since there is no clutter a potential buyer will be able to see the house arranged with furniture so they can see that everything they need will fit.   

Although staging is not for everyone it is strongly recommended if you can get all of your personal belongings out of the house before you put it on the market.  If you are living in the home and have to have your furniture in the home to live a stager can come out to your home and suggest that you put all the clutter in storage and give suggestions on what to leave and they can make your home show worthy with your own stuff in some cases.  If nothing else a professional stager consultation may be worth the money just to get suggestions and the cost for a consultation is just a few hundred dollars and could make you thousands of dollars in the sale of the house by just doing some simple tricks to get your home ready for sale.   In the end our Agents at MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan can set up the appointment with our stager to give you suggestions before you sell your home.  In today’s Real Estate Market you need every edge on your competition you can get.  In addition, we will help you with the costs of staging if you bundle our services with the sale and purchase of your next home or the loan on the next home or all 3.   Doing business with MAE Capital will save you thousands of dollars and we are here waiting to show the tips and tricks to get top dollar from selling your home and buying your next home.   Call us today at 916-672-6130 or click here for a free consultation.  

Posted by Gregg Mower on May 7th, 2019 7:01 PM



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