Construction Loans
What you need to know about Construction Loans:

 Private construction loans can be done on both Commercial and Residential land provided the parcel is zoned for the project already.  It is important to know that you will be responsible for getting a licensed contractor or be able to show proof of your ability to be an owner builder.  You will need to have the Plans for your project already approved with the county you are building in prior to a construction loan.  We will have an appraisal done based on the finished value of the project.  We can use the land as collateral for the loan if you own the land but if you don't be prepared to be able to invest your own funds into the project.  You will need to provide funding for 20-40% of the project depending on the type of construction and where it is located.   

What you will need to provide to us for the Loan:
1. Complete Loan Application
2. An authorization for us to check your credit
3. The approved Plans and Specs with the county for building you are requesting the loan on.
4. Money for an appraisal
5.  Contractors Resume or proof of ability to be an owner builder.
6. A Cost breakdown of the project of all the materials that are planning to be used. 
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