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Why have MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan List and Sell your Property?:

Here at MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan our system is a New Approach to Listing and selling your home, whether it is your primary home or an investment property, or Commercial property.  Our Experience is second to none in the Real Estate Industry,  from our attention to detail to our knowledge of lending (the most critical part of the process of buying and selling).  We make a Plan from the beginning to get you to your desired outcome, maximizing your profit.  These are the steps WE use to plan your financial future;   Click here to talk with a Licensed Agent

1.  First, we meet with you for a FREE consultation to analyze the value of your home and your current financial situation.  We provide you with a free value estimate of the property, no matter the type. We look at your current mortgage on the property (if any) to make sure things are in order to list the property. We do a title search to make sure there are no hidden liens on the property.  We plan your profit from proceeds of the sale and how to maximize the money you get from the sale.  We will also tell you if we believe it is not a good time to sell your home.  We will walk the property and see if there are any upfront inspections that could cut time and make more money.
1. Do you have a Well on your poperty?
2. Do you have a Septic System on your property?
3. Do you have Solar?
4. Is your property rural?
IF you have any of these you need an Agent that knows what inspections are needed and where to get them.  City Agents don't understand what is involved with rural properties. We live rural and have for the last 22 years, we know first hand what needs to be done to sell your home.  We Specialze in rural large or small properties.  Call us first.

2.  We will Approve you for the purchase of your next home (if necessary), or if it is an investment property discuss options such as 1031 exchange or other special needs you have.  If we need to do a short sale we create a plan for that as well.

3.  We review any and all Tax ramifications of selling your home so you know before you list the house with us what will happen tax-wise.  We have a relationship with a tax attorney that can show you how to avoid/defer capital gains legally.  We are not accountants so we refer you to an expert in the field that can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

4. When we do decide to sell the home we put the highest and best price that will sell your home fast and with the most profit to you. The listing agreement is a document we have you sign that allows us to exclusively list your home and to market in the MLS.  

5.  One of the many ways we market your house is to enter the house in the Metrolist System (MLS) and create a website (if necessary). 
We market your house nationally by syndicating with all the other major consumer Real Estate search engines. We will give your home an individual website and broadcast it on over 70+ different Real Estate Search Engines.  Your Home is seen by everyone.

6.  When "Offers" to purchase your home start to come in we will analyze not only the highest and best offer, but we will make sure each buyer will qualify and have the necessary funds to close.  In addition, we will get a feel for what the buyer is wanted you to do to fix your property up before they buy it.  We will arrange for all the inspections and coordinate the times for them to be done at your home.  You do not need to be present unless you want to.  

7.  Once an offer is accepted you can negotiate a contract on your next home, be it a primary home or an investment house.  Once your current house is under contract we can provide proof of funds to the seller you are buying from.  Note; if we have found a house and put a contingent offer (an offer that states it can only close after the first transaction closes) on a home we can now arrange to close both homes concurrently.  

8.  To ensure the seller of your next home that you are the best buyer for their home, we provide them with an approval letter with your offer and proof of funds.   

9.  The goal is to make the selling of your home and then moving to your next home as smooth and as worry-free as possible. There are a lot of moving parts and we take care of the details so you don't have to.

The Cost of Selling your Home:
The cost of selling your home can vary as we have the ability to Bundle our Services and save you thousands of dollars.  For Example, if we are listing your home and helping you buy your next home we will bundle our services to save you money.  

Standard Commission for Selling a home has traditionally been 6% where the commission is split between the Listing Agent (3%) and the Agent representing the buyer (3%).   At MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan we can greatly reduce the overall cost of selling your home when we bundle our services.  We start off with a significantly lower commission than our competition the add in the bundling of services we end up saving our clients thousands of dollars.  Call now to learn more.  

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