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This page is for Real Estate and Lending Professionals who wish to "Broker Loans" to MAE Capital Mortgage Inc. and Our Contacts. 

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Brokers can get paid for Private Money transactions.  These transactions fall outside of RESPA so you are not required to have an NMLS license.  As a Mortgage Broker, you are required to report all Mortgage Brokerage activities on the California Bureau of Real Estate Annual Business Activities Report.   For Approval Complete the Broker Agreement and the Non-Circumvention Agreement to become an approved Broker.  Call us for more details on how you can be compensated for originating Private Money Deals and the rules that apply.  

Current Products: 8/20/2018


  • Construction Loans
  • Apartment Loans
  • Large and Small Commercial Loans 
  • After Repair value Loans
  • Warehouse Loans
  • Equity Loans
  • Raw Land
  • 2nd Mortgages
  • Agricultural Loans
  • Office Buildings
  • Church Financing
  • Restaurant Loans/Merchant Loans for business'
  • Bridge Loans
  • Cross-Collateralized Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Flips


Account Executives:

Gary Pitts Submission Form Click here                Phone: 916-672-6130  Click here to email Gary

Downloads For Brokers: 
Please Complete and Sign Below Forms 1-3 Before Submitting Packages

1. Broker Agreement

 2. Submission Form 

3. Non-Circumvention Agreement signed by referring Broker

4. Required Docs Checklist

Blank Loan Application 1003 

Blank Borrower Authorization

7. Required Broker Form before Quotes

Note: MAE Capital Mortgage may use lenders that we have control over or may use other brokers that have the necessary products.  Brokers cannot be paid without disclosing their commission on the CA MLDS Form and the HUD.  All Independent Broker compensation must be paid through escrow including a simple referral fee. No Broker Compensation will be allowed unless MAE Capital Mortgage Inc. has the fully executed Broker Agreement and the Non-Circumvention form.  There will be no verbal agreements, all compensation that a referring Broker is to receive has to be fully disclosed in escrow to the borrower and paid through escrow, and must be on the final HUD.  It is the sole responsibility of the Broker to report to the CA BRE and do NMLS call Reports on all mortgage brokering activities they have been compensated on during the year.  

Referral Fees on Non-RESPA transactions can only be paid to California Licensed Brokers under the Bureau of Real Estate, all Fees paid to referring Brokers must be approved by the Broker of MAE Capital Mortgage Inc. and must be in writing.  NO VERBAL CONTRACTS

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