Possible Problems IRA Owners & Retirement Plan Owners Face

It may seem that owning an IRA, and/or being a participant in a retirement plan, is too confusing and that the success of the IRA, and/or retirement plan, ultimately is completely reliant on luck. Much of the confusion may come from a lack of information regarding the investment options and alternatives an IRA, and/or retirement plan the owner actually has.

Many IRA, and/or retirement plan owners have worked very hard to accumulate as much wealth as possible in their accounts. With the recent financial markets chaos, there are undoubtedly many planning obstacles to deal with to try and maneuver the retirement funds for ultimate success. Some of the problems investors could possibly face include:

  • Account values have decreased substantially
  •  Unsure what to do next with assets
  •  Investment options may be limited at their current Custodian
  •  Asset classes and types may be limited at their current Custodian
  •  Do not feel comfortable with traditional investments
  •  Do not feel comfortable with traditional investments that could potentially lose value/income if interest rates/inflation increase
  •  Feel that they may have to pay tax and possible penalties to invest in assets they prefer
  •  Income taxes and penalties could take up to 50% of a distribution
  •  Current assets might not allow for growth opportunities needed for retirement success
  •  Assets outside their IRA and/or retirement plan have also decreased
  •  Not having funds available outside their IRA and/or retirement plan for investment opportunities
  •  Net income after all expenses of IRA could be low
  •  Appreciation opportunities with current IRA might look bleak
  •  Current portfolio might need assets that are not correlated to traditional investments
  •  Current IRA and/or retirement plan does not allow investments in:
    • Individually owned or jointly owned investment real estate o Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) – both public and private
    •  Private Placement investments & Direct investments o Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)
    •  Businesses and franchises
    •  Private and publicly listed stock
    •  Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
    •  Limited Partnerships (LPs)


An IRA and/or retirement plan owner may face the problems listed above. Just one of the problems could be enough to limit the success of their retirement accounts. Recently we have seen investors who face many of the above problems. We feel that the more of these problems an investor faces, the higher the potential they will not achieve their retirement goals.

IRA and retirement plan owners may need an alternative to continue to defer income taxes on their IRAs and retirement plans, help increase the potential for income and appreciation, open doors for unique investment opportunities, to feel "comfortable" with their investments, and to potentially provide increased investment flexibility.

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