Service Bundling Program
Sell Your Home, Buy Your Next One, and Finance It Right Here
Saving Our Clients Thousands of Dollars

*Special Through December 2018!  We Pay For Your Appraisal and will Fund up to $679,650 on All Conventional loans.  We beat Interest Rates from Other Lenders. 

What is Service Bundling?

Service Bundling is when you can combine the services offered by MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan such as Real Estate sales and the Home Loan function to save on fees and commissions.  Or combine all 3 functions of Listing your home, Buying a home and the Mortgage and you get all the professional services bundled into a single package that is far less costly than it would be if you were to seek those Real Estate Services out individually.  This only makes sense as a typical listing will cost a Home Seller up to 6% in commission to sell their home.  When you purchase your next home the there is another commission paid to your Agent generally around 2-4%, although it comes from the seller and you won't pay for it, why not be able to use this to get a lower interest rate on your mortgage or a Home Warranty or both?  This is what we offer when we bundle our services.  Take Advantage of this today and save thousands of dollars and you will only be making one phone call to inquire about selling your home, buying your home, and your Mortgage.  

Why We Bundle Our Services:
We have always looked out after the best interests of our clients.  This program shows the commitment we have to our clients and that we put our money where our mouth is.  We do not have to do this but we feel it is the right thing to do.  Our competition won't or can't offer this service as they generally just do one of the Real Estate Functions such as just Real Estate or just Home Loans.  This is really the best-kept secret in the industry as other Realtors and Loan Agents will not suggest you come to us to save money as they will lose business.  Putting our clients best interests first is something you have to see to believe especially in the world we live in today.  We would rather have our customers happy in the end with a little more money in their pocket and hope they will remember the company that was sincere in their service from the beginning.  Not to mention we love referrals, which we take care of our clients that do refer us business.  We look forward to meeting with you. 

An example of a 2-Side bundle:  A typical two side bundle would be if we represented you as a home buyer and we also did your Mortgage when you purchase a home.  This option is perfect for First Time Home Buyers.  You see when you are traditionally represented by a Buyer's Agent or Realtor only they typically will get the commission set by the seller and there is no negotiating it as it is pre-set in the seller's listing beforehand.  If there is enough money coming from the seller we can lower your interest rate with the Real Estate Commission not only saving you money upfront but every month you make a mortgage payment.  When we Represent you as a Buyer and bundle it with the Mortgage Loan we will automatically purchase a Home warranty for you upon closing.  A Home warranty will protect you for the first year of ownership against anything major breaking down.  This one service has saved our clients thousands in their first year of homeownership.  If your Heating or Air conditioning goes out it is fixed for you, or a hot water heater, pipes, electrical systems, refrigerators, pool equipment etc. it is all covered for you.  This brings homeowners peace of mind that they will not have any major expenses to deal with after putting out all the moving expenses and down payment.  

An Example of a 3-Side Bundle:  A three-sided bundle is when we represent you as the seller of a home and as your Buyer's Agent on the purchase of your next home and we do the Mortgage Loan.  In this example, we will traditionally reduce our commission on the sale of your home so you net out 1-2% more than you would have under traditional representation which you can use towards the downpayment on your next home.  On a home that sells for $400,000 that could save you $4,000-$8,000 just on the sale that you can put towards the purchase of the next home,  When you buy the next home and we represent you, we also purchase the Home Warranty for you as well.  In addition, we can reduce the overall costs and the interest rate on your mortgage saving you even more.  Under the three-sided representation, you can see you are not only saving Thousands upfront when you sell your home but with the lower interest rate we can get for you, you will be saving on every mortgage payment thereafter.  This is a program that very few Agents can offer as they generally are not licensed to do both the Real estate and the Loan.

Why do Real Estate the Old Fashioned way?  In 2010 the Real Estate Laws changed so much that it opened doors that were previously closed to Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate.  With the onset of the National Mortgage Licensing System or NMLS it allowed Real Estate Brokers that held both licensing to legally do the functions of a Realtor and a Mortgage Broker.  Most Realtors have just stuck with doing Real Estate Sales and have not yet seen the advantages of helping their clients by offering both functions and bundling them to save their clients money.  It seems the big Real Estate Shops don't want the added liability and reporting requirement that comes with holding an NMLS license, so they stick to the Real Estate Function only.  Here at MAE Capital Real Estate and Loa, our Broker has over 33 years experience in Mortgage lending including secondary marketing experience and extensive contract negotiation skills.  Adding the Real Estate Sales to the Mortgage Experience is a combination that our clients are reaping the benefits from.  

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