To see current market stories scroll down for up to the minute stories and news regarding the stock markets and the interest rate markets.  The following charts show the current Real Estate Trends for the Greater Sacramento Area.

Statistics are for the Greater Sacramento area including Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and Eldorado Counties

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Current Market News:
Markets pricing in trade negotiations, but not the result, says Fred Kempe
1/18/2019 2:44 PM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]Kenny Polcari, Butcher Joseph Asset Management managing principal, and Fred Kempe, president and CEO of The Atlantic Council, join...(Read More
Here are four economic headwinds facing the Fed
1/18/2019 1:26 PM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]CNBC's Steve Liesman reports on what could be the Fed's next move if U.S.-China trade tensions get resolved....(Read More
Consumer sentiment isn"t something to worry about yet, says strategist
1/18/2019 12:22 PM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]John Stoltzfus, Oppenheimer chief investment strategist, and Eric Marshall, managing director of research at Hodges Capital Management, discuss what's moving the markets with "Sq...Read More
NY Fed President: Fiscal stimulus will likely wane
1/18/2019 10:12 AM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]CNBC's Steve Liesman reports on New York Fed President John Williams' comments on the state of the economy....(Read More
Here are some key dates to watch for during the shutdown
1/18/2019 7:44 AM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]"Squawk Box" reports on some of the top stories affecting the business world....(read...Read More
Treasury official: No recommendations made on tariffs
1/17/2019 2:26 PM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]CNBC's Eamon Javers reports from the White House on his exchange with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin after Dow Jones reported the U.S. is weighing lifting tariffs on China to hasten...Read More
Huge increase in mortgage refinancing, says BB&T CEO
1/17/2019 2:26 PM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]CNBC's "Power Lunch" team is joined by BB&T CEO Kelly King to discuss the health of banks, the mortgage business, and the state of the consumer....Read More
Here"s how economists are getting data during the shutdown
1/17/2019 2:26 PM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]Omair Sharif, Societe Generale senior U.S. economist, and CNBC's Steve Liesman joins 'The Exchange' to discuss why the jobless claims numbers might not add up and his story on...Read More
Initial jobless claims down 3,000 to 213,000
1/17/2019 8:21 AM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]Jim Iuorio of TJM Institutional Services breaks down the latest initial jobless claims and numbers from the Philly Fed index. CNBC's Steve Liesman joins to break down the numbers.Read More
Housing pulse check
1/17/2019 7:15 AM
[View:|news|video|&par=mnd]Diana Olick and Mark Fleming of First American dig in on the state of the real estate market....(Read More